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I recommend that you choose an editor much like you would select an agent or a particular publishers. You need someone who gets your writing style and knows your genre well Ė someone who can make your manuscript shine and maintain your voice, your intentions. I hope that editor is me.

I mainly work with young adult and new adult fiction, but as long as I can connect with a novel, I will take it on. Other genres I work with include fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, thrillers, and general.

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  • "Samantha is by far the best editor that Iíve come across in my writing careeróand Iíve certainly known my fair share. Sheís thorough and will go far more in depth than mere grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Sheíll analyze plot and character development in great detail, and sheíll be honest with you about what works and what doesnít. All in all, Iím very pleased with her editing services and I truly believe she has improved my book by leaps and bounds. I most definitely plan on using her again for my future books"
    N.M. Mac Arthur, The Prince of Prophecy Series
  • "Samantha is the real deal. By this, I mean she not only points out typos and inconsistencies but also helps in regards to plot progression and how to make a story entertaining to the reader. Every chapter--every page is completely marked up with comments and suggestions. It's not rare for her to point something out that I didn't even notice. If you are looking for someone to praise your writing, look elsewhere. But if you're looking for someone to help you improve your writing, Samantha's the person to go to."
  • "In a sea of useless reviews, Samantha Cook's feedback stands out from the mediocre. She provides constructive criticism that gives the writer something to build upon, often citing specific examples with suggestions. While her critiques are to the point and direct, she also points out the strengths in the writing (when they are deserved, of course). After receiving several reviews that could all be summed up as 'Everything was great, I loved it!', her reviews were a refreshing change and something I could work with to improve my writing. She is a fair and honest reviewer and someone I would absolutely recommend."
    Jaclyn Parks, writing The Celebrity Gene
  • "Samantha was so kind to review mine. Her support, so far, has been awesome. She reviewed my story almost line by line‚ÄĒand actually for free‚ÄĒproviding comments that actually challenged my writing. It's not that she was rewriting my story, but that she pointed the weak spots and made suggestion on how to strengthen the scenes and the plot. Her support was very valuable."
    Mariana Reuter, age 24, TheNextBigWriter user